In English: RES-T-methane server

CBG100 Suomi is a Finnish information server of RES-T-methane, i.e. RENEWABLE METHANE IN TRANSPORTATION USE. It covers biogas and all other types of renewable methane fuels in all types of transport applications. It is maintained by Ari Lampinen.

This server contributes to the implementation of the development plan of the European CBG100 network, proposed by the Finnish Biogas Association in 2013. The purpose is to enable 100 % renewable transport energy use for European citizens. The first step of the plan is to make information of CBG100 availability openly available to consumers.  The Finnish CBG100 filling station map is found in these pages. The plan also includes improving the marketing language of renewable methane fuels. They are currently described by many, often confusing, terms. It is still very common to call renewable methane fuels by fossil names. This practise certainly alienates consumers and political decision-makers, and must be get rid of as soon as possible.

This server promotes the implementation of the Roadmap to renewable methane economy, developed by the Finnish Biogas Association for the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications in 2012.