Biogas fueled buses enter operation in Vaasa

16.05.2017 09:17

City of Vaasa became third municipality in Finland to utilize biogas as city bus fuel.

  City Start of operation Resource Fuel Bus technology
1. Helsinki December 2012 Municipal sewage CBG100 Monofuel-CMG
2. Vantaa December 2012 Municipal sewage CBG100 Monofuel-CMG
3. Vaasa May 2017 Municipal solid biowaste CBG90 Monofuel-CMG


In all cities biogas is produced locally from municipal biowastes. In Vaasa almost all local bus traffic is now operated by a fleet 12 CBG90 buses, whereas in Helsinki and Vantaa a fleet of 19 CBG100 buses covers only a small share of all local bus traffic.

In Vaasa municipal solid biowaste had been utilized for biogas production since 1990 by regional waste company Stormossen, which is owned by 6 municipalities. Bus use became possible when a biogas upgrading plant was inaugurated at Korsholm waste treatment centre in May 2017. All upgraded biogas is consumed as vehicle fuel. Private slow filling station for buses and public fast filling station was constructed outside of the Korsholm waste treatment centre. Due to an LNG backup, fuel available at the filling stations is not pure biogas, but a blend with about 90 % share of renewable energy, i.e. CBG90.

These are the first blend stations during the whole history of traffic biogas utilization in Finland. Since 1941 until May 2017 only pure (100 %) biogas had been available in the Finnish market for vehicles.