Finnish biogas statistics 2013-2014 published: transport use dominates growth

06.10.2014 15:13

New Finnish biogas statistics was released on 30 September. Biogas consumption in transport increased by 168 % but consumption for power and heat production decreased by 2 % in 2013 compared to 2012. It indicates that transport use dominates growth of biogas utilization in Finland. In 2014 upgrading capacity has almost tripled and many new filling stations have been taken online. There are plans for large increases in both upgrading capacity and filling station network within the next 2.5 years.


The new publication covers the entire era of traffic biogas utilization in Finland, from the beginning in 1941 until August 2014. For raw biogas production and its use in power and heat production the report contains data from 1994 until 2013. Biogas technology has been utilized commercially in Finland since 1910, but national statistics have only been collected since 1994.


Within the last two decades biogas production has increased 6-fold and within the last decade biogas consumption in transport has increased 5400-fold.


As the report is written in Finnish, an English summary is given here: Finnish biogas statistics 2013-2014.