New type of traffic biogas infrastructure built in Hamina

19.12.2015 15:20

City of Hamina has built a new type of traffic biogas system. New upgrading plant was taken into use and for the first time in Finland upgraded biogas is transported to a filling station via a municipal gas grid. The new upgrading plant is the 10th upgrading plant in Finland and the first to utilize molecular sieve adsorption (with PSA) technology. It is the first upgrading plant produced by a Finnish company BioGTS. Annual production capacity is 30 GWh, but initially 15 GWh/a will be produced. It is connected to a new biogas plant, also designed by BioGTS.

This is a project of Hamina Energy, a municipal energy company owned by the City of Hamina. Hamina Energy also owns and operates the municipal gas grid and a public CBG100 filling station (photo below). Hamina became the first Finnish municipality to built, own and operate the complete traffic biogas chain:

  1. Production of raw biogas from municipal biowastes and other local resources.
  2. Production of upgraded biogas.
  3. Transportation of upgraded biogas to a filling station.
  4. Selling upgraded biogas in a public CBG100 filling station.
  5. Utilization of CBG100 in municipal vehicles.

Distance from the upgrading plant to the CBG100 filling station is about 30 km. Their locations can be seen on the  map of Finnish biogas filling stations and upgrading plants. (Note: the map shows only public CBG100 filling stations by default. Upgrading plants are shown after choosing them manually into view.)

In 2016 another CBG100 filling station will be opened near the upgrading plant. It has a strategically important location by the E18 highway, which belongs to the core network of the European Union TEN-T highway infrastructure. It will be located near the Russian border helping to connect methane powered transportation from Russia to Central Europe via Finland and Sweden.