Prize awarded for a Finnish biogas tractor

03.11.2014 07:10

Valtra biogas tractor was awarded silver medal at Agrosalon exhibition in Moscow.


Valtra introduced in 2013 the first factory made, serially manufactured biogas tractor in the world. Valtra began serial manufacturing of dualfuel biogas/biodiesel tractors in 2013 in Suolahti, Finland, after prototype development and testing since 2009 at Kalmari farm in Laukaa, some 30 km from the factory. Kalmari farm has produced biogas for vehicle use since 2002 from a farm scale reactor and upgrading plant, which is commercially available from Metener.


Valtra tractors are powered by Finnish made dualfuel engines developed by Sisu Diesel, currently Agco Power. Dualfuel version is available for several Valtra models. They can use CBG, CNG, B100 and fossil diesel in either methane/diesel dualfuel mode or diesel monofuel mode.


Valtra has history of tractor manufacturing since 1949. Before biogas tractors, Valtra has manufactured ethanol, wood gas and biodiesel tractors in addition to the ordinary fossil diesel, gasoline and kerosene tractors. Since 2004 Valtra has been part of Agco Corporation. Sisu Diesel has history of engine manufacturing for many kinds of vehicles and mobile working engines (aeroplanes, locomotives, boats, ships, trucks, tractors, harvesters, military vehicles) since 1943. Since 2004 it has been part of Agco Corporation and since 2008 it has been called Agco Power.