Map of biogas filling stations in Finland

This map includes public filling stations only. General information is available by clicking info sign on the upper left corner of the map. Station specific info boxes open by clicking station markers. Only pure biogas (CBG100) stations (CBG traffic sign) and blended biogas (CBGxx) stations (mixed-CMG traffic signs) are shown by default. Public fossil methane stations can be viewed by optional selection. Any combination of the data sets may be shown on the map simultaneously by clicking the info sign on the upper left corner of the map and then choosing data sets.

This map is a part of the Finnish Biogas Plant Register. It also acts as a partial implementation of Article 7.7 of the Directive 2014/94/EU on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure. The article requires that locations of public filling stations of alternative fuels are made publicly available to all users, both domestic and foreign. This map maintains information of public renewable methane stations in Finland. It is not kept constantly up-to-date: service breaks are not included and changes may be implemented after delays. Verification of availability of services at individual stations from their operators belongs to the customer responsibilities.

Additional information is provided under the map.

Additional information

Last update: March 2019


Finnish public biogas filling station infrastructure includes 35 pure biogas (CBG100) stations, i.e. they sell 100 % biogas. In addition, there is one blended biogas (CBGxx) station, i.e. sold gas is a blend of biogas and fossil methane ("xx" is minimum percentage share of renewable methane in the blend).

For foreign visitors it is important to note that 35 of these 36 stations are open, i.e. accessible to all customers without operator specific fuel cards and contracts. Payment options vary between operators, including cash, credit cards, bank cards, billing and fuel cards. All stations are automatic and always open (24/7). At 34 stations credit card option is always available; at 1 station cash option is available only during office hours (fuel card is needed in other times). For foreign visitors, utilization of the following 2 public stations require special measures:

  • CBG100 Laukaa: open access during office hours only, fuel card required outside of office hours.
  • CBG100 Forssa: not open access station, i.e. contract with operator required.


Standard fueling connectors NGV1 are available at all public stations. International visitors coming by buses or trucks may also utilize heavy duty connector NGV2 at one public filling station (CBG100 Helsinki-4). Details of all stations are available by clicking station markers on the map.

There are 11 commercial operators of public biogas filling stations, with considerable price range between operators, but insignificant temporal variations. CBG price varies between 1.20 and 1.51 euros/kg.


Biogas has been utilized as vehicle fuel in Finland since 1941. Until 2015 all biogas sold at public CBG100 stations was produced domestically from waste resources. In 2016 biogas originating partly from energy crops entered the Finnish market. The share of energy crop based biogas is less than 1 % of all traffic biogas, including both public and private filling stations. Until early 2017 all biogas was sold in pure form only, as CBG100. In 2017 the first blend stations were opened. Biogas has always been available in compressed form (CBG) only; LBG has not yet entered the Finnish market.

In total, there are 41 public methane stations, of which 35 are CBG100 stations, 1 sells blends (CBGxx) and 5 sells 100 % fossil methane only (CNG, LNG). There are some CBG100 stations, where CNG is optionally available, but as they do not change the total number of methane stations they are not marked on the map.