Finnish and Swedish CBG station networks connected

07.09.2017 05:55

Public CBG100 filling station was opened in Oulu by municipal waste management company Oulun Jätehuolto Ltd. It marked the end of partial isolation of the Finnish CBG station network from the Western European CBG station network. The new station halved the distance between nearest Finnish and Swedish CBG stations to 260 km, which is within the biogas operation range of all biogas cars. Before this station only a small share of the biogas car fleet had sufficient range to cover the distance to the currently nearest Swedish station in Boden without taking advantage of the reserve fuel (gasoline). But after Boden the CBG station network is dense enough to reach Mediterranean countries.

For foreign visitors this means that all can now reach the Finnish biogas station network without resolving to gasoline usage.

CBG100 Oulu is the 9th new public CBG filling station opened in Finland in 2017. It is the first public biogas station in Northern Finland.