Finnish traffic biogas statistics 2017 published

28.08.2018 13:09

Consumption of biogas in transportation in Finland grew by 41 % in 2017

Finnish RES-T methane statistics of the year 2017 were published by the University of Eastern Finland (Lampinen 2018). As the study was written in Finnish, an English summary "RES-T methane market in Finland 2017" has been provided in this server for the international audience. In this news release the main results are given.


Utilization of biogas as a vehicle fuel increased by 41 % compared to previous year. Reactor biogas was the only form of renewable methane utilized in transportation (RES-T methane). Annual consumption (109 TJ) passed the 100 TJ mark for the first time. Absolute growth was 32 TJ, which is the highest in history.

Ten new public biogas filling stations were opened and none were closed in 2017. This brought the total number of public CBG stations to 34. The amount of commercial operators of public renewable methane filling stations doubled from 7 to 14. 

Regional development was the most remarkable feature of the market growth during 2017. Number of regions with CBG station infrastructure doubled from 3 to 6 and number of provinces with CBG station infrastructure increased from 8 to 12.

Finnish and Swedish CBG station networks were connected. CBG100 station in Oulu in Northern Finland halved the distance to the nearest Swedish CBG station to 260 km, which is within biogas operation range of all factory made CMG vehicles. Therefore, gasoline is no longer needed for travelling by land between Finland and Sweden. International visitors coming by road to Finland from Western Europe can now do so without compulsory utilization of crude oil based fuels.



Lampinen A (2018) Traffic biogas in Finland in 2017. (In Finnish; with English figure, chart and table captions.) In: Huttunen MJ, Kuittinen V & Lampinen A: Finnish national biogas statistics – Data year 2017. Publications of the University of Eastern Finland, Reports and Studies in Forestry and Natural Sciences No 33, School of Forest Sciences, Faculty of Science and Forestry, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, 22-37.