Seat Mii Ecofuel is Green Car of the Year 2015 in Finland

29.11.2015 06:54

Green Car of the Year 2015 in Finland is Seat Mii Ecofuel. Green Car of the Year has been selected annually since 1996 in Finland. In 2015 the 20th selection was made and for the first time a methane car was chosen.

Green Car of the Year was selected also in four categories (see table and photos below).

Category Green Car of the Year 2015 Segment Type Technology
Small cars Seat Mii Ecofuel A Methane car Bifuel (CMG/gasoline)
Medium cars Skoda Octavia G-Tec C Methane car Bifuel (CMG/gasoline)
Large cars VW Caddy Maxi TGI M Methane car Bifuel (CMG/gasoline)
Other cars Tesla Model S F Electric car BEV

Awards were presented on 28 November at Espoo Innovation Garden on campus of Helsinki University of Technology at an event organized by Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland (largest association of academic engineers in Finland) and Technology for Life (sustainable development association of engineers and scientists).


Selections were made of 46 car models representing 17 car brands and all 9 car segments. All are M1 (or M1G) vehicles according to the EU vehicle classification and have been available during 2015 in the Finnish market imported by official brand representatives. Car models were eligible candidates in the selection process by fulfilling the following environmental requirements:

  1. Primary energy: must be able to use solar or wind energy based secondary energy form, which is available in public stations in EU and/or Nordic countries.
  2. Secondary energy: must be able to use clean secondary energy forms, i.e. electricity, hydrogen or methane (as defined by the EU Directive 2014/94/EU on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure) in pure (100 %) form.
  3. Crude oil independency: must be crude oil independent, i.e. able to drive without crude oil based fuels (but may, in addition, have ability to use crude oil based fuels).


As a result of these environmental requirements, all candidates

  • are alternative fuel cars with ability to 100 % use of alternative secondary energy forms,
  • are able to use 100 % renewable electricity, hydrogen or methane in pure form,
  • are able to reach CO2 emission level 0 gCO2/km, and
  • are able to reach lifecycle greenhouse gas emission level 0 gCO2eq/km.


Candidates represent 5 different technologies:

AFV type Technology Description Car models
PEV BEV (electricity) electric car 10
PHEV (electricity/gasoline) gasoline-plug-in-hybrid car 16
PHEV (electricity/diesel oil) diesel-plug-in-hybrid car 1
H2V FCEV (GH2) hydrogen fuel cell car (monofuel) 1
MGV Bifuel (CMG/gasoline) methane car (bifuel) 18


Candidates were evaluated using metrics developed for this purpose. Each car was classified by 9 environmental, 2 economic and 2 practicality properties. This was done in four categories:

  • Small cars (7): segments A (mini) and B (small)
  • Medium cars (14): segment C (medium)
  • Large cars (15): segments D (large), E (executive) and M (multi purpose)
  • Other cars (10): segments F (luxury), J (SUV) and S (sport)


Best car model in each category was chosen green car of the year in respective category and the best of them was selected the overall green car of the year. More details of this selection process is available in article Green Car of the Year in Finland, which also gives a review of earlier selections.