Traffic methane statistics Finland-2016 published

08.12.2017 16:19

Official Finnish energy statistics for the year 2016 were published by Statistics Finland today. They include consumption of both renewable and fossil methane in domestic transportation (see table below). These statistics do not cover fossil methane consumption in international water transportation.


Consumption of methane in domestic  transportation in Finland in 2016 [TJ]
2016 Road Inland water Total Share
Renewable methane 77 0 77 33 %
Fossil methane 97 62 159 67 %
TOTAL 174 62 236  


In domestic road and water transportation total of 236 TJ methane was consumed, which marks a new Finnish record. The previous record 209 TJ was set in 2009, when the share of renewable methane was 0.7 %. In 2016 the share of renewable methane was 33 % of total methane consumption and 44 % of methane consumed in road transportation. The share of renewable methane in road transportation dropped from 54 % in 2015 to 44 % in 2016. It is a result of 6 % decrease in renewable methane consumption and 35 % increase in fossil methane consumption.

The official statistics for fossil methane is collected by Statistics Finland from fossil methane industry. The renewable methane statistics is collected by the University of Eastern Finland for Statistics Finland as a part of the Finnish Biogas Plant Register (English summary of the 2016 statistics is available here).